Thursday, 8 March 2012

O'Leary takes new pop at airports as 'international shopping centres'

In an interview with CNN, Michael O'leary today took the opportunity to criticise airports as 'international shopping centres' which are only for the benefit of 'rich airports'.
He went on to say that due to developments in technology, many of airports operations have now become obsolete.

"If you look at it, we don't really need airports to do much any more. The airport terminal serves very few purposes any more, except that it is an international shopping center, owned and run by rich airports. Check in on the website, arrive at the airport, get through security very quickly, and board your plane," he said. "People want to arrive, get on a plane and fly. They want to spend time at destinations, not waste it at airports."

O'leary believes that the cost of operating planes out of UK airports results in higher fares and is unfair in practice due to a lack of competition between airport owners. Something that is hard to argue with.

Despite his monthly gripes, he believes that Ryanair will continue to dominate in recessionary times alongside other value brands.

"McDonald's does well in a recession. We are the McDonald's, the Ikea, of the airline business." He said.

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