Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Seatguru launch App for plane geeks

For frequent flyers, Seatguru is a pretty useful tool. The website have now sort to move with the times by creating a an app which will help travellers whilst they are on the go.

The app will allow users to identify the plane that they are due to fly on and will show seats that are good to sit in, and ones to be avoided. As part of the TripAdvisor brand, the app will also allow users to browse reviews on the world's largest review site. The app may be at it's most useful when users are able to book flights on the go and to also get real time updates on flights times.

Jami Counter, Senior directos of SeatGuru said: "Our free app gives travelers the peace of mind that they've found the best airplane seat at the lowest price, in an easy-to-navigate display to help make the air travel experience less stressful."

There are currently 45,000 flyer reviews on SeatGuru and as a flight geek, I will be downloading this one myself.

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