Monday, 19 March 2012

Thomas Cook still holding thousands of Olympic stock

With four months to go to The Olympics, it has been reported that Thomas Cook have 90,000 of its 300,000 Olympic tickets still unsold.

As a company who has made a huge financial commitment to the rights to sell such packages, they are now in a situation when they either hold out and hope that the hype sells the packages or to slash prices and shift the stock until it might be too late. They may also have to consider the effect a discount has on it's client's who paid the full price for packages compared with a punter who get's a last minute deal.

The company are currently under pressure to balance it's bottom line and a price cut may be the best way to recoup some of it's reported £10 million outlay.

Despite the report, a company spokesman said it does not have immediate plans to discount it's packages. The spokesman said: “We have sold around 70pc of our Olympic packages so far and, with the huge demand for London 2012 tickets, we are very confident that we will sell our full allocation.”

A steady PR strategy, for now.

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