Saturday, 21 April 2012

Beware of Spanish car rental charges: Which? report states

A report by Which? has found that British travelers to Spain risk seeing the cost of a rental car trebling due to 'hidden fuel charges.'

The charges are revealed now that the old system of collecting a car with a full tank and ensuring the same upon returning the car are now being phased out.  Competition has now lead to many firms offering a lower initial price but enforcing an 'out full, back empty' policy with customers facing inflated prices for fuel which is not always used when hiring a car on a small island.

A particular offender of this (speaking from first hand experience!) is Goldcar. A researcher from Which? also backed this claim up as the basic price to hire a vehicle with Goldcar was €30 compared with €78 from Avis. But when fuel was added upon arrival, the Goldcar price rose to €94. The report also calculated that in order to use all of the fuel in the Fiat 500, Which? calculated that the vehicle would need to be driven for 140km every day of the week.

It may now be a case of deciding how many miles you are likely to drive on your holiday and to then calculate the total overall cost between the cheaper introductory prices of operators such as Goldcar and the global firms such as Hertz and Avis.

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