Monday, 23 April 2012

Thomas Cook Olympic charges uncovered by The Sunday Times

An investigation (or simple arithmatic) by The Sunday Times has revealed that Thomas Cook are selling Olympic packages with a huge mark up despite Olympic tickets being banned from sale above their face value.
The report by The Sunday Times highlighted a package with two tickets for the men's 100 metre final with one night in a Travelodge and travel pass retailing for just under £3000. The deductions for the Travelodge (£325.92) and travel passes (£58.40) meant that the cost for each ticket was £1,306, triple the face value of £420.

The report by The Sunday Times could be viewed in one of two ways. There is some grey area and Thomas Cook could simply claim to be selling the hotel room for £2100 and they were still selling the tickets at face value. Alternatively it could be argued that Thomas Cook are attempting to profiteer by selling packages at huge mark ups.

I think I fall into the first camp and can't blame Thomas Cook for attempting to recoup some of the huge outlay made in order to become an official seller of Olympics packages. They have sold their fair share of dud packages at £500 or less and any sane business person would be attempting to sell the best packages at the best price in order to still be in business by the end of August.

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