Thursday, 24 May 2012

BA looks to accelerate China expansion

Willie Walsh has announced that he expects to treble the number of Chinese destinations that his airline serves over the next ten years. The airline currently serves only Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as destinations in China and Walsh plans to grow to 'eight to ten cities.'

He went on to add that the reason the airline had not expanded quicker was due to a lack of slots at Heathrow rather than due to regulation in China.

The reasons for purchasing BMI now seem to be clearer with the knockdown price for BMI coming with an additional 42 slots at Heathrow. The new slots will allow long haul flights from Heathrow by BA to catch up with Air France KLM who now offer nine destinations in China.

It seems like this may be a shrewd move as the Chinese economy is forecast to grow by 8.2% this year.

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