Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Damian Green has British Rail moment over 'wrong type of wind'

No, not that type of wind either. Britains embattled Immigration Minister Damian Green today faced further ridicule after blaming delays on the way that the wind blows. Seeking to deflect away from the lack of staff at border checks Green said delays:

"Will depend on the wind, over which, with the best will in the world, airlines and the Border Force don't have the control."

Perhaps the Immigration Minister should try more common sense and less sarcasm at such an unpopular time for the government. His opinion is completely contrary to Colin Matthews, the BAA chief executive who believes that passengers have been noticing delays since summer 2010, from 6th May onwards perhaps?

Colin Matthews said: "We've seen a steady deterioration over the last two years. I've the impression that the Border Force need to develop their capability in planning."

Damian Green has sought to solve the problem by fast tracking 70 additional staff at Heathrow to deal with the current mess yet an additional 70 is paltry compared with 15% of staff cuts across the total number of Border Force staff made since the summer of 2010

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