Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Does sunny weather make you want to stay at home or go on holiday?

Like many, I enjoyed a barbeque in my back garden last in order to take advantage of this week’s surprisingly good weather. At this point my girlfriend said ‘this weather make me want to go on holiday’ to which I replied (in a typically grumpy fashion), ‘why would you want to go on holiday, when the weather here is so good?’

At Alihoco we have noticed a rise in holiday bookings this week which may go to explain how most people think when booking holidays in that warm weather brings on our appetite for escaping to sunnier climes. Maybe it makes us looser with our wallets because we are all in a better mood because of the better weather or maybe it is an indication that summer is here once our own weather gets better. What do you think, do you consider booking a holiday when it is warm or at colder times of the year? 

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