Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Manchester airport facing potential fuel shortage

Manchester Airport is facing a fuel crisis which means that by 6pm this evening it will temporarily run out of aviation fuel. The result of the shortage is that flights to and from the airport are likely will be delayed with long-haul destinations expected to be the worse affected.

Problems have arose after aviation fuel suppliers from Stanlow oil refinery in Ellesmere Port, were disrupted as a result over concerns of quality of jet fuel. The refinery is run by Essar Energy who has a pipeline to Manchester Airport that can pump 250,000 litres of furl per hour.

Manchester Airport hopes to have the issue resolved by midnight on Wednesday but the knock on effect could last well in to Thursday as the airport may need to replenish with around 3m litres of fuel or 79 trucks which is its daily usage on a busy day.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: 
"Whilst we do not expect this to cause widespread disruption, it is possible that some airlines may decide to cancel, divert or delay a small number of flights from 6pm tonight [Wednesday] into tomorrow morning. We would advise all passengers travelling this evening and tomorrow morning to check their flight status with the airline before coming to the airport."

Let's hope that this gets resolved very quickly and that not too many people are adversely affected.

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