Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All Inclusive Holidays now being used to help depression

The all inclusive phenomenon is stretching its reach a little bit further and is now being used at a luxury clinic to assist people experiencing depression, anxiety, stress and alcohol use. The packages at Drever Associates have been created in order to encompass standard treatments with spa treatments and first class dining.

The facility, located 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport is the first of its kind in the UK. Dr Ian Drever of Drever Associates says that he hopes the treatment will be ‘aspirational’ and ‘the sense of community, safety, friendship and personal development which takes place here is amazing, and I wanted to connect with the huge numbers of people who know we exist, but who may never have previously considered a stay with us. Our packages are an alternative to a luxury holiday - although holidays are great, they don't change any of the underlying stresses in our lives. A stay with us will do that, in a welcoming and intimidating way.'

It is certainly an interesting concept and would clearly be a break from the daily grind for people who are feeling down or struggling with addiction. They would however need rather deep pockets as the nightly rate works out at around £700 per night for a 13 night stay. It might be better to try one of our resorts from £35 per night and if a holiday does not make you feel better, to give the guys at Drever Associates a call.

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