Monday, 23 July 2012

The Best Beaches of Menorca

The Balearic island of Menorca is the perfect destination for people who love to spend time at the beach as it has over 200 beaches along its coastline. The wide variety of beaches allows people to either experience the busier southern tip of the island or to explore the more unspoilt north.

I will start with the beaches at the southern tip of the island as that is where the majority of British tourists venture to when they visit Menorca. 

Macarella :
Despite being in the south of the island, Macarella is surrounded by cliffs which are topped with pine trees. The water is also calm and the water particularly clear. Macarella beach is located 8 miles from Ciutadella and is also an area of special natural interest due to its beauty. Macarella is easy to access by car and also has a free private car park. 

Cala Santa Galdana :
Towards the centre of the Menorcan coast sits Cala Santa Galdana, a cove that is superb for swimming, entertaining children due to it having a water park and children’s playground. It is also a cove which is well sheltered and features the opening to Menorca’s only river. Cala Santa Galdana also has white sand and is a must see for any visitor to Majorca.

Pregonda Beach :
Situated in the north of the island, and off the beaten track is Pregonda Beach. What is most striking about Pregonda Beach is its appearance with red golden sand with pink rocks. The water is also deadly calm and crystal clear. It is worth noting that Pregonda beach is not a bare foot walk away from the car park, it will take a round 30 minutes to walk along a track until you reach the beach – it is certainly worth it once you get there. It is also worth packing a snorkel to venture into the sea and cool off.Pregonda Beach is located six miles from the town of Es Mercadel.

Son Parc Beach :
Also situated on the north coast is Son Parc Beach. It is a great spot for families and is easily accessible from three different roads. It is also very safe in that it is patrolled by lifeguards, has sun beds for hire along with a beach side café. For those who are looking for something slightly more strenuous, there is also a golf club and driving range located near to the beach with excellent facilities and a course that is not too demanding. Son Parc can get windy later in the day and it is worth bringing some form of shelter when this happens.

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