Thursday, 2 August 2012

The different types of All-Inclusive resorts

All-Inclusive resorts are now popular throughout Europe, The Caribbean as well as in destinations such as Mexico and Egypt. It is worth noting that since the concept of all-inclusive resorts began it has since evolved into all-inclusive resorts of different grades to match different prices and demands. The different types of all-inclusive resorts are often categorised as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. 

At the bronze level, the all inclusive programme often includes three buffet style meals per day with alcoholic drinks produced locally, soft drinks and water served during meal times only. These packages are typically found in Europe.
By opting for a silver all-inclusive programme, guests typically receive three meals per day along with locally produced alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and mineral water served during meal times and at the bar. In addition to three meals per day, a limited selection of snacks is generally served throughout the day. 

At a gold level, all-inclusive packages are closest to how they are known in the UK from operators such as Club Med. An all-inclusive package at gold level generally includes include three meals per day from a selection of outlets, snacks and a selection of locally-produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. As well as offering a wider selection to the customer, gold all-inclusive resorts often also include some sports facilities such as tennis and/or selected non motorised water sports.

At the highest level, all-inclusive resorts would include all of the above with the addition of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well a wider variety of dining options in resort. A platinum all-inclusive property would also include drinks in mini-bars as well as a la carte restaurants rather than buffet style dining. Platinum all inclusive packages are typically found in resorts aimed at affluent clientele such as at The Sandals Resorts in The Caribbean.
Before choosing the resort for you, it is worth considering the above factors to ensure that you get the resort that you would like and are expecting.

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