Tuesday, 16 October 2012

60% of Brits Dream of Christmas in The Sunshine

A recent survey by holiday price comparison site Alihoco has found that 60% of voters think that somewhere in the sunshine would be the perfect place to spend Christmas. The survey of 367 voters found that 28% would ideally spend Christmas in a log cabin surrounded by snow and the remaining 12% still see the perfect Christmas as one spent at home with family.

Commenting on the results, Tom Warsop Managing Director of Alihoco said: ‘I think that the recent results are a reflection of the poor weather we have had this summer as well as the gloomy economic outlook here in the UK. The chance to escape and lie down on a beach has never been so attractive to many people’

The results also show that many see snow as an important factor at Christmas and the fact that this is far from guaranteed during the festive period at home, means that many people would travel abroad if it meant this could be guaranteed.

The chance to stay at home will also always be a major factor for people at Christmas due to seeing family and friends as well as ensuring that you don’t miss the Queen’s speech!

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