Friday, 30 November 2012

Baggage Charges Top Most Annoying List

Yesterday’s announcement by Ryanair of an introduction of a 2% ‘processing fee’ when paying by credit card, as well as a £6 admin charge per passenger per flight now being incorporated into all flight costs got us all thinking in the office here at Alihoco. We know that everyone enjoys going on holiday we can also all find the process annoying at some point. In order to settle a dispute between staff in the office we asked our loyal fans on Facebook which they found most annoying. 
The choices were: The charges imposed by airlines for additional baggage, the cost of airport parking, paying £1 to buy a plastic bag at security to hold your liquids and finally, the cost of food and drink in resort.

The results were overwhelming with 88% feeling most annoyed by the charges imposed by airlines who charge for all suitcases except hand luggage. The other choices were obviously dwarfed by the majority feeling annoyed by airlines charges for bags. Of the remaining selections, 6.5% were most annoyed by paying £1 for a plastic bag whilst going through airport security in order to hold your liquids, 5.5% were most annoyed by the cost of food and drink whilst in resort with the final 2% finding the cost of airport parking the biggest gripe when going or returning from holiday.

The issue of baggage charges by airlines is an interesting debate. Airlines clearly like to offer flights at the lowest possible price to entice customers who book, but at the end of the process it is common to feel as though the price has risen astronomically and that you have been ripped off. If hold baggage was included in the initial price with the option to remove it, we may all feel like we are getting a better deal if you were able to reduce the cost by £30 per person should you decide to travel light.

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