Monday, 3 December 2012

Alihoco Solves Budget Airlines Biggest Problem

Thank you once again to our faithful voters on the Alihoco Facebook page who have made another emphatic result against the way budget airlines operate. Following on from our survey which resulted in 88% of people feeling most annoyed by baggage charges imposed by budget airlines, we asked our fans whether they would prefer having hold bags included as standard with the option to remove them and therefore, reduce the price. As you can see from our results below, 77% of voters said that they would prefer to have bags included with the option of removing them if they decided to travel light.


More tellingly, only 4% of voters said that they prefer things as they currently are with hold bags available as an optional extra at an additional cost.

The remaining 18% of our voters felt that if the process were to change with bags included at the beginning of the process, it simply amounted to the same thing and that the price would remain the same no matter if it was something removed or added on.

It would be interesting to see if airlines could be brave enough to include bags as standard as the process of making something cheaper is surely more pleasurable than constantly adding charges when customers are booking. Budget airlines clearly make profit in charging for bags and it could also be advantageous for them to include bags as they could well sell more than they do currently with having hold luggage as an optional extra.

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