Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Flying economy class does not increase risk of DVT - report

New guidelines released from the American College of Chest Physicians has offered clarification on what may or may not cause blood clots whilst flying.

Most significantly, the guidelines refute the notion that people flying long haul in economy class carry a greater risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. The report also reiterates the heightened risk of flying for those who have had recent surgery or a broken bone, people with active cancer, pregnant women or women on birth control pills, the elderly, those with limited mobility, or those who have previously had blood clots.

The report did note that those who may be at risk are those who occupy window seats as they are less likely to get up and move around whilst on board for fear of making a nuisance to their fellow passengers. The American College of Chest Physicians also recommended drinking lots of water for two reasons. Firstly to ensure that you are well hydrated as this reduces the risk of clots and secondly, so that you need to go the toilet and therefore move around more in the process!