Friday, 2 March 2012

ITV's Benidorm boosts internet searches to area

A report by Travel super market has shown that the return of popular television series Benidorm has lead to the number of searchesto Benidorm doubling whilst the programme was on air.The number of searches was compared against results from the previous  week at the same time.

The phenomenon has been described as 'The Benidorm Effect and Bob Atkinson of said:
 "Once again we have witnessed the 'Benidorm' effect - a huge boost in searches to the resort whilst the show is on air. Many people have laptops or smart phones so browsing the net whilst watching TV has become quite commonplace. In fact this is a trend we only expect to rise in the coming years.

"However the popularity of the resort in 2012 isn't just down to the show. Spain represents good value to Brits this year as the destination is doing all it can to attract visitors with late deals and offers for booking, and in resort. And when comparing prices online for popular destinations, Spain constantly comes out as a cost effective holiday choice for families, couples, groups and singles alike. This year's 93 per cent spike week-on-week shows that while summer may still be a few months away, we are looking to be inspired by warmer climes."

Maybe every country should create their own soap opera rather than spending fortunes on tourism boards. Eastenders Antiguan style would be superb!